Luxury Electric Classic Cars for a class-apart Experience

Eco Friendly

This battery powered classic car is not just gorgeous to look at but also contributes to the environment by being a no-emission vehicle.

Custom Designed

Our customization solutions include roof options, color selections and a host of added accessories. Build you own electric classic car!

As easy as Plugging in!

Enjoy the class and comfort of a car without expensive fuel costs. Just plug out and take it for a memorable ride!

Classic Car for Sale in India

Royale 8 Sightseeing Cart

Royale 8 Sightseeing Cart
Luxury Golf Carts – Royale Series
Royale 4 - Vintage Four Seater Golf Cart

Royale 4 – Vintage Four Seater Golf Cart
Luxury Golf Carts – Royale Series
Royale 6 - Luxury Vintage Car (Six Seater)

Royale 6 – Luxury Vintage Car (Six Seater)
Luxury Golf Carts – Royale Series

Unmatched style and comfort on the Royale Classic Car

When we say Royale, we truly do mean royalty redefined in a classic car. Unlike outdated models, our battery operated classic cars and built with a modern twist – ensuring head turning value no matter where they go. The Royale comes with 4 seat and 6 seat variants. Known for its comfort, style and unbeatable performance, our electric classic car is a dream to drive. Unlike other classic cars, these electric variants are affordable to own and very economical to power and upkeep. All you have to do is plug them overnight and they’re good to go through the next day.

Our Battery Operated Classic Cars are an Excellent Buy

Custom Classic Car Solutions

Take your guests around your premises on our luxury electric vehicle solutions that can be integrated with custom fittings like presentation screens and music systems. We offer customizing options like:

  • Roof Options – no roof, detachable roof and hard roof
  • Color options
  • Seating customization – 4 or 6 seater

Exclusive Interiors on Royale Classic Car

With exclusive designer exterior and a luxurious comfortable interior, our luxury golf cart models are made to impress. Completely customizable to your precise needs, we aim to design the perfect electric golf cart for you. Built to impress in its classic car form, the Royale is truly an experience in royalty.

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Order your custom battery operated classic car today!

Build your own Royale classic car with the infusion of your personal tastes and style. We make custom electric vehicles for a large range of applications and would love to build one for you. Contact us today to know more about how we can make a luxury hand-crafted classic car for you.

6 Seater Antique Cars in Classic Colors

Classic Electric Car in Red

Classic Cars for sale in India

Luxury Redefined with Royale Electric Golf Cart

Royale at the Devil’s Circuit

Luxury Electric Car and Golf Cart in Blue

Golf Cart in Candy Pink with Detachable Roof

Vintage Six Seater Golf Cart in White

Royale Electric Luxury Golf Cart in Metallic Red