14 seater Electric Bus – Custom Designed

The new and improved version of our popular electric bus is here!

Our electric bus is designed for superior comfort and designed with a robust body and the ability to carry more people in less time. With upgraded technology, a durable exterior and backed by Speedways EV’s signature after sales support, the electric bus can be manufactured in various variants to suit a wide range of requirements.

Enclosed electric bus: 13+1 seater

Our electric minibus comes as a 13+1 variant with two options for door layout. We provide individual access to each line of seating with individual doors or common access to all seating by one door.

Single Door/Multiple Door Electric Bus

Our electric bus is customised so you can choose the access of the passengers to the seating the way you want. The interiors are designed for complete in-class comfort.

13 passengers + 1 driver

The vehicle is designed with individual seating for 13 passengers plus a driver’s seat. The vehicle design has been kept in mind to ensure all passengers as well as the driver have ample leg room and space to be comfortable within.

Built for the road, designed to last

Like other quality Speedways products, the electric bus is designed for Indian road conditions and keeping in mind the wear and tear an average fuel bus undertakes.

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Technical Specifications

  • No. of Persons: 14
  • Top Speed: 20kmph
  • 10kW (custom option available)
  • Battery: 12x6V-225ah
  • Tyres: 205/65 R15
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    5610mm x 1580mm x 2340mm
  • Running Distance: 60-80kms
  • Carrying Capacity: 13 passengers + 1 driver


– Front and Rear Lights
– Rear View Mirror
– Durable Metal and FRP Body
– Custom Ground Clearance
– Comfortable Cushion Seating
– Safety Features

Optional Features

– Loud Speakers
– Stereo System
– Custom Branding
– Custom Color
– Doors
– Air Conditioning
– Power Steering

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