SGC-6ex Eight Seater Electric Golf Cart

8-11 seater golf cart with customization options

Our 8-11 seater Custom Golf Cart is here!

Introducing the stretch version of our popular SGC series of electric golf carts. Built to ferry 8-11 people with ease and comfort, all while wowing them with its form. Take more people around in lesser time and with custom features, make your SGC6ex truly your own.

Custom Built Golf Cart

At Speedways Electric, we build our golf carts and other electric vehicles completely in-house. We manufacture special grade tires for our golf carts that endure long running times and tough road conditions. We also make our own EV-grade batteries that give optimum performance with our range of golf carts as well as other golf cart brands. From bodies to chassis, we create everything with utmost care and precision. This gives us the ability to customize your golf cart precise to your requirements. Ask us how we can build a custom golf cart for your application and we’d only be too happy to help!

Eco-friendly and Easy to Maintain

No fuel to worry about, no emission to care for – our golf carts use green technology to be completely eco-friendly. Integrated with technologically superior components, they are a joy to ride while being incredibly easy to maintain. We do all the work in designing them just so you don’t have to do any work at all. If you own a Speedways Electric Golf Cart, you’re ensured durability, comfort and above all – a vehicle that will serve you well.

For a Wide Range of Applications

We recommend our golf cart SGC6ex to any establishment that needs to carry more people around their premises while ensuring their comfort. This model is best suited for housing complexes, hotels, banquets, trade shows, exhibition grounds, parks, zoos, amusement parks, industries and institutions. We custom made our golf carts and can integrate your branding into it as well.

Golf Cart Color Options

We offer our standard colors for your pick, but if you have a certain color in mind, we’d love to do a custom paint job for you. Get in touch to know more about how we can customize the color and branding of your golf carts.

Our standard color choices. We offer custom colors also.

Our standard color choices. We offer custom colors also.

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Technical Specifications

  • Model: SGC-6ex
  • Dimensions: L: 4560mm W: 1145mm H: 1870mm
  • Motor: 5kw
  • Tyre 165/60 R12
  • Battery Type 6x8V-175ah or 8x6V-225ah
  • Passenger capacity 8
  • Range (loaded) >60kms
  • Max Speed 20km/h
  • Min. turning radius (m) 6.0


  • Roof options
  • Choice of wheels
  • Indicators
  • Reverse buzzer
  • Front wheel disc brakes
  • Music system
  • Side mirrors / rear view mirror
  • Body cover / Rain Cover