Classique Sightseeing Cart

Vintage Sightseeing Cart and Electric Carriage

Classic Sightseeing Cart and Electric Carriage by Speedways Electric

Man riding electric carriage and sightseeing cart by Speedways Electric

Experience the sights with conversations on the Classique

The Classique electric sightseeing cart is a unique concept with its conversation car design, letting the riders enjoy the sights while talking with each other. Built for superior comfort and incredibly easy to drive, the Classique is the perfect solution for resorts, hotels, parks, zoos, malls, railway stations and amusement parks.

Ride in Style in our Electric Carriage

With superior suspension and a hand-made vintage form, the Classique is an experience to ride. Suited for 4 riders with plenty of legroom that can also be channeled as luggage space.

Customize your Electric Carriage

  • Seating and Carpeting
  • Roof options
  • Wine and glass holders
  • Luggage racks
  • Custom designed storage

Technical Specifications


  • No. of Persons: 4
  • Top Speed: 25kmph
  • Motor: 1000w brushless
  • Charger: SMPS based
  • Battery: Speedways Batteries EV80 Deep Cycle
  • Tyres: 3.29-15
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1900mm x 1200mm x 1375mm
  • Running Distance: 60kms

Classique is a joyride designed for comfort and durability

Passengers on Electric Carriage

For your Guests at your Resorts and Hotels

Drive around your guests comfortably on the electric carriage while showcasing your beautiful property. With custom luggage fittings, you can efficiently check in your guests in no time. The small size makes it a perfect solution for tight spaces and its a breeze to drive for the staff.

A Ride with Wine and Conversation

Transform your visitors back in time with the beautiful classic design of our electric sightseenig cart. Ride through expansive gardens in its lush interiors, letting them enjoy nature with a glass of wine to their lips.

Perfect for Tourists to Rent and Ride

The eco friendly carriage is a joy to ride for tourists to rent and drive around public spaces. Whether around the beach, parks, lakes or even streets – the electric sightseeing cart is functional for endless applications.

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