Electric Bus | Mini Bus

Custom designed Electric Bus and Electric Minibus to carry more people in less time.

Electric Bus and Electric Minibus manufactured in India

Presenting our electric bus – SEB14, perfect to carry 14+ people on its beautiful form around your premises. Fully customizable to your requirements, our electric buses are robust, durable and can run long distances without tiring. We customize the colors and accessories according to your specifications. Our electric buses are custom designed to carry multiple people across exhibition grounds, airports, universities, factories, parks, zoos and residential complexes. Powerful and designed for comfort, they are a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional carriers.

Beautiful Electric Minibus and Electric Bus - Custom Designed

Beautiful Electric Minibus and Electric Bus – Custom Designed

Now also as enclosed Minibus!

We customize our popular SEB14 model to also have doors and optional air conditioning to make transit for your guests a comfortable experience. With security features and a superior exterior, our electric buses are manufactured using only the most premium parts. We ensure long lasting durability with easily available spares and readily available on-site service plans.

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Technical Specifications

  • No. of Persons: 14
  • Top Speed: 25kmph
  • 72V 7.5Kw AC
  • Turning Radius: <7.0m
  • Battery: 6V-225AH x 12
  • Tyres: 155/80 D12
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    4660mm x 1465mm x 1900mm
  • Running Distance: 60-80kms


– Front and Rear Lights
– Rear View Mirror
– Durable FRP Body
– Custom Ground Clearance
– Comfortable Cushion Seating
– Safety Features

Optional Features

– Loud Speakers
– Stereo System
– Custom Branding
– Custom Colour
– Rain Cover
– Doors
– Air Conditioning
– Power Steering

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