Sightseeing Electric MiniBus

Custom designed Electric Bus and Electric Minibus to carry more people in less time.

Battery Operated Sightseeing Bus

Electric Bus and Electric Minibus manufactured in India

Presenting our electric minibus – SEB14, perfect to carry 14+ people on its beautiful form around your premises. Fully customizable to your requirements, our electric minibus is robust, durable and can run long distances without tiring. We customize the colors and accessories according to your specifications. Our electric minibus are custom designed to carry multiple people across exhibition grounds, airports, universities, factories, parks, zoos and residential complexes. Powerful and designed for comfort, they are a popular eco-friendly alternative to traditional carriers.

The Electric Minibus is perfectly suitable to carry more for less!

Now with new luxurious seats!

The SEB14 model of electric minibus is now upgraded with luxurious seating. The best in-class comfort is offered on these two-tones seats that come with the premium model. The vehicle is also equipped with floor mats, can be integrated with seat belts and have cabin lighting for ease in dark hours.

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Why Speedways EV Electric Minibus?

Speedways Electric has the expertise in electric vehicle technology in India that has spanned over a varied range of products. The Speedways Electric minibus is the first of its kind that is not only budget friendly but also comes with excellent after sales support. Which means anytime you need spares, servicing or warranty issues resolved – we are here. Unlike all other electric minibus which are either retro-fitted or imported from China, our vehicle is manufactured from scratch in India. This makes it not just a perfect solution for you, but also ensures hassle free running for years to come

Who are the clients using these vehicles?

Our vehicles are used by India’s leading companies and corporates who depend on us for our quality and service support. The electric minibuses have been successfully running over the past 3 years across army complexes, private food parks, office complexes and in private campuses. Contact us to know more about the clients that happily endorse us for our products.

Technical Specifications

  • No. of Persons: 14+1
  • Top Speed: 20kmph
  • 72V 7.5Kw AC
  • Battery: 12x6V-225ah
  • Tyres: 155/80D.12
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    4870mm x 1450mm x 2010mm
  • Wheelbase: 2650mm
  • Running Distance: 60-80kms


– Front and Rear Lights
– Rear View Mirror
– Durable FRP Body
– Custom Ground Clearance
– Comfortable Cushion Seating
– Safety Features

Optional Features

– Loud Speakers
– Stereo System
– Custom Branding
– Custom Colour
– Rain Cover
– Doors
– Air Conditioning
– Power Steering

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