Speedways Grande

Battery Powered Electric Car made in India for the Road. Feel Grand in the Grande!

Electric Cars redefined by Speedways Electric with the NEW Grande

Speedways Electric is proud to launch it’s battery powered electric car, built to rule the roads. This gorgeous electric car is equipped with luxurious interiors and top class accessories to make your electric car experience a grand one indeed.

Saying Bye to Boring Old Electric Cars

We break the stereotype that electric cars in the country have created so far. Boring boxed designs, uninspiring form and a visually dull look is all a matter of the past. With the Grande, we break the mold and present a gorgeous new electric car that is not just built to turn heads but also extremely comfortable to ride. So easy to operate, cheap to charge and upkeep and a dream car is what our electric cars are all about!

Finally an Electric Car that’s Easy to Ride and Maintain

All it takes it plugging in this beauty to have her all charged up to rule the roads the next day. We have built our electric car to last long on the roads without needing a power up. The interiors are luxuriously hand-crafted, like any luxury car in the world – to give you a completely grand experience. Enjoy the royalty with an automatic drive system, and with a special someone right on your side – just sit back, relax, and give in to the experience Grande has to offer.

Eco-friendly Electric Car at an Affordable Price!

Not only have we put noise, pollution and fuel costs out of the equation but also made our electric cars very easy on the pocket. With our special prices to suit every budget, you won’t have an excuse to look away from our beautiful electric cars. So go right ahead, order one today, and we’ll customize everything from the seating to the color for you – because you deserve the royalty our Grande has to offer.

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