Musafir – Premium Electric Rickshaws

Beautiful erickshaws at amazing prices made in India

The electric rickshaw designed for all conditions and challenges. Musafir is not only built to perform but also built to deliver!

Built entirely with Indian components integrating only the most superior technical specifications for a smooth and dependable ride.

The electric rickshaw that is customized according to application, terrain, maintenance conditions and precise requirements.

India's most premium electric rickshaw now on order
Electric Rickshaw Musafir manufactured in India

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We are proud to present India’s leading range of premium electric rickshaws, powered by superior technical specifications and built with the finest materials to ensure unmatched comfort and long lasting durability.

We are the manufacturers of electric rickshaws that are integrated with specially manufactured electric vehicle batteries that enable extra long range and life.

The Best Quality Electric Rickshaw at Unbeatable Prices

Built for India, unlike Chinese e-rickshaws, our electric rickshaws are manufactured entirely in-house to ensure the lowest prices while delivering on superior quality. Our premium e-rickshaws are crafted from only the best materials and are integrated with high capacity motors to ensure smooth handling of any road.

Eco-friendly and Inexpensive to Run and Maintain

Our rickshaws are entirely battery operated, ensuring they are eco-friendly and contribute to a greener tomorrow. With our specially designed batteries, the e-rickshaw has extremely impressive range giving long running times on a single charge. The maintenance is a breeze with easily available spare parts and our reliable service.

Luxurious Ride with Extreme Comfort

Our electric rickshaws come with handcrafted interiors to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for both the passengers and driver. Plenty of legroom, back support and a wider body make it a joy to experience Musafir as a truly reliable companion.

Videos of our Premium Electric Rickshaws

Video of Musafir X – electric rickshaw for better driver safety and protection from rains
Video slideshow of electric rickshaw Musafir in Blue color
Video slideshow of electric rickshaw Musafir in Dreamy Cream color

Technical Specifications

  • Model: Musafir E-rickshaw
  • Dimensions: L: 2765mm W: 970mm H: 1700mm
  • Motor: 1110w
  • Max Speed: 24km/hr
  • Battery: Speedways EV-100
  • Tyre 90/90-12
  • Battery Type 110AH
  • Brake Type Front & Rear Drum
  • No. of Passengers 4+1 Driver

Custom Accessories

We offer the following custom accessories with our electric rickshaws:

  • Back Cover
  • Rain Cover
  • Security Passenger Handles
  • Extra-Power Batteries
  • Spare Tire

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E-rickshaw in Dreamy Cream Color

Musafir Electric Rickshaw with Custom Colors

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Introducing Electric Rickshaw in Yellow

Beautiful Battery Rickshaw in India by Indian Manufacturers

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