SET-4 Four Wheel Electric Cargo Loader

Cargo Loader for Material Handling Solutions

These vehicles are ideal for warehouses, golf courses, factories, stores, airports and big institutes for carrying goods and materials in everyday use.
The vehicles are customized and can be manufactured as per desired requirements.

SET4 battery operated cargo loader vehicle

Technical Specifications

  • Power of Motor :3kW or 4kW
  • Battery :8V 175AH x 6
  • Accelerator :Adjustable Inductive Accelerator Continuously Variable Speed System
  • Charger : Full Automatic Efficiency Pulse Charger
  • Maximum Speed :24 km/h
  • Maximum Travel Distance :60-80 km
  • Slope Climbing Capacity :35% safe
  • Carrying Capacity :Custom Capacities
  • Passenger Capacity :2 Persons
  • Chassis :Steel
  • Platform Size :L: 1220mm W: 1067mm H: 370mm
  • Tires :6.50-10

Material Movement has never been this Convenient before

With our material loading solutions, we offer a host of cargo loader solutions that are tailormade to your exact applications.
How we can customize our material loaders:

  • Variable Weight Capacities:

    Whether you’re looking for a solution that carries 300kgs or 1500kgs, our electric loader can be modified and technically equipped to deliver the desired performance. With the durable tubular steel chassis and the ultra durable FRP body – your material loading needs are catered to with perfection.

  • Platform Size Options

    Looking to carry bigger than usual goods? Do you need the platform to be accessible from all sides? Perhaps you want dividers to keep your goods organized? We have you covered! With our readily available custom solutions, you can be assured your materials are not just handled efficiently but are also transported safely.

  • Additional Material Capacity

    Because you may never know when you need additional storage capacity, we also offer additional trolley solutions. As easy as attaching it to the universal tow hook – the trolley adds to the capacity of the cargo loader vehicle to carry goods and is therefore an efficient addition to your custom material handler electric vehicle.

SET-4 Multi Utility Vehicle

SET-4 Multi Utility Vehicle
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