Royale 8 Sightseeing Cart

The Sightseeing Cart that redefines the Royal experience

Set yourself apart with the Royale 8 seater with its plush comfort and luxurious design. The sightseeing cart that makes exploring your premises a memorable experience!

8 seater electric golf cart, luxury sightseeing vehicle.

Brand, Style and Color your Royale!

The Royale range is built made to order with its unique customization options. Make your Royale a reflection of your personal style and the entity your brand stands for with our many custom offerings. Contact us to know how we can brand, style and color your electric cart precise to your requirements.

Optional Vintage Car Accessories

alloy wheels
leather dashboard
side & rear view mirrors
stereo system
rain cover

Now with the Double Roof system!

Your luxury car now comes with the double roof system – which allows you to easily attach/detach the roof with a full windshield as desired. On removing the roof, you will have an open variant of the Royale ready to go with a half glass for protection.

With this convertible feature, the Royale 4, 6 and 8 seater variants are perfectly capable of being open-top or covered carts.

Color Options for your own Electric Vintage Car Royale

We offer many color options for our vintage cars. We can also customize them to your special color requirements.
Choose your color with the Royale luxury range!

Our electric vintage cars are fully customizable for your needs!

Because we make everything in our manufacturing plant, Speedways Electric can make electric carts and vehicles customized to your exact needs. From the color to the seating arrangement to even the added accessories – we are available to come up with creative solutions to your transportation problems.

Know more about how we can customize your vehicle

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Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimension L4480 * W1300 * H1870(mm)
  • Curb Weight 750kg
  • Carrying Capacity 800kg
  • Motor 5kW
  • Batteries 6x8V-175ah
  • Min. Turning radius 5.5m
  • Max. Speed 22km /h
  • Max. Travel Distance 60-80kms
  • Seating Capacity 8 peoples

Also as 4-seater Golf Cart

With Integrated Wheelchair