SET-4 Multi Utility Vehicle

With various loading capacities and a durable form to ensure secure handling of goods, our MUVs are completely battery powered.

Multi Utility Vehicle Custom Designed to Your Application

A vehicle that does more than one job? We bring a whole new dimension to multi-utility with our electric MUVs designed for passenger comfort and durable goods handling. With varying capacities and platform sizes, we have you covered – in all its multiplicity!

electric four wheel multi utility vehicle

Get the Utility you need from your Electric Loader!

  • Luggage carriers for hotels and resorts
  • Material loader for industries and factories
  • Moving material for construction sites
  • Loading equipment in large areas and premises

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Many uses, same vehicle!

For quick transfer of staff and goods, our electric powered multi utility vehicles are pros at getting the job done, and getting it done quick! With ease of use, driving and maintenance, the loaders serve as excellent vehicles to serve your visitors and guests with efficiency. We custom manufacture our electric loaders to integrate your specific requirements.

We offer customization solutions including:

– Weight load capacities
– Branding and color options
– Custom platform size
– Custom platform/box designs
– Special technologies based on roads/inclines

Technical Specifications

  • Model: SET4
  • Dimensions: L: 4470mm W: 1200mm H: 1880mm
  • Motor: 2kw
  • Climbing Capability 35% Safe
  • Steering Side Right Hand Drive
  • Tyre 18×8.50-8.00 or 165/60R12
  • Battery Type 5x12V-100ah
  • Passenger capacity 2
  • Range (loaded) >60kms
  • Max Speed 20km/h
  • Min. turning radius (m) 6

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