SGC-2 Two Seater Electric Golf Cart

Fully electric and entirely customizable, this 2-seater vehicle is perfect for Golf Courses, Hotels, Resorts and Educational Institutes.

Fully Indigenous Electric Golf Cart



Our golf carts are environment friendly since there is no emission with the electric engine. There is also no noise, that means our electric vehicles run pollution free and noise free.

Built to Specification

Our golf carts are individually custom built giving us the freedom to build them exact to specification. Just tell us what you need and we will incorporate all your requirements in your own custom built Golf Cart!

For Indian Conditions

Unlike the imported Chinese golf carts being assembled in India, our electric golf carts are entirely built in India which means they are made exclusively for Indian conditions. This also enables us to make them right hand drive and customize them for your specific needs.

Low Maintenance

With our extended warranty, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your electric golf cart. No fuel costs, low running costs and our speedy service to your disposal makes owning our golf cart a joyride.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: SGC-2
  • Dimensions: L: 2610mm W: 1145mm H: 1750mm
  • Motor: 3kw
  • Steering Side Right Hand Drive
  • Tyre 18×8.50-8.00
  • Battery Type 6x8V-175ah
  • Passenger capacity 2
  • Range (loaded) >60kms
  • Max Speed 20km/h
  • Min. turning radius (m) 3.5

Our electric golf carts are fully customizable for your needs!

Because we make everything in our manufacturing plant, Speedways Electric can make golf carts and vehicles customized to your exact needs. From the color to the seating arrangement to even the added accessories – we are available to come up with creative solutions to your transportation problems.

Know more about how we can customize your vehicle

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